Trudy Lite

The Trudy Lite Show Has Moved From Amazon Prime To YouTube!

Twenty episodes of the inimitable international celebrity life coach to the stars, giving advice to her millions of viewers all over the world and elsewhere, in glorious HD. Here is a link to the latest episodes. Check out the trailer below for a sneak peak of what Trudy is getting up to in this first instalment. And remember, #KeepItLite!
“Superb delivery! Impeccable timing! A fine example of comedy writing, satire, reflection and pathos" "Trudy Lite is naughty and funny and a breath of fresh air" "Witty, sexy and hilarious! I adore The Trudy Lite Show! Brilliant!” "Have the needle and thread at the ready in case you split your sides” “Essential viewing for anyone with any sense of humour. Go for it, sit back – and enjoy!”
Keep It Lite!
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